The Recording is a work about making a film. Created with longtime collaborators Steven Heather, Rhian Hinkley and Jenny Hector, The Recording treats the stage as a film set, with cast and crew placed on stage together. The work follows three performers as they prepare for, rehearse and perform a series of scenes that are recorded, re-recorded and transformed through cinematic soundscapes and emotional, dramatic lighting.  

The Recording subverts what we perceive is happening on stage; it opens up interpretations, builds a sense of uncertainty and vulnerability, and creates space to notice what goes on between scenes that are otherwise hidden from the audience. The work exposes our assumptions and prejudices – the risk of blind acceptance, our desire for perfection, yet also our human failings, and our own vulnerability in the face of media manipulation. The Recording questions our propensity for believing that anything 'recorded' about ourselves or others is a true representation, when often what goes on behind the scenes tells a different story.

Presentation:  Dance Massive – Dancehouse, Melbourne, Australia, March 2013

Choreographer/Director:  Sandra Parker
Projection Design: Rhian Hinkley
Lighting Design: Jenny Hector
Performers: Trevor Patrick, Fiona Cameron and Phoebe Robinson